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    Resin 4.0.10 Overview

    Resin 4.0.10 is a stability/bug fix release.

    There is an important Alarm fix where the Resin timers could be frozen, causing sessions to not expire and <ping> timers to not fire .

    WebServiceContext is now available for CXF as an @Inject or a @Resource, when deploying a CXF WebService through the servlet interface.

    The ping capabilities have been generalized and refactored into a general health service that checks the Resin health every 60 seconds.

    Resin exits and restarts are now logged with more information, giving the reason in both the watchdog and jvm logs.

    ResinEmbed how has a setRootDirectory and the WebAppEmbed has a setArchivePath to match the <root-directory> and <archive-path> tags in the resin.xml.

    JPA: eclipselink properties for Resin JTA were not properly set when eclipselink was discovered using scanning.

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