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  • resin 4.0.11 release notes

    Resin 4.0.11 Overview

    Remote deployment has been revised and improved to increase reliability and improve clustering performance.

    Deployment of .war files is now integrated with remote deployment so Resin now uses one unified mechanism. Checking of .war versions is now available across the cluster in the webapps tab.

    Remote deployment is now available in /resin-admin, from the command-line, and from ant. Remote deployment in /resin-admin is in the web-apps tab.

    The HealthCheck is now integrated with JMX and with the statistics generation. The HealthCheck is now displayed in /resin-admin in the health tab.

    The Heartbeat timings have been improved. The current heartbeat status is now available in /resin-admin in the health tab.

    The /resin-admin Thread dump has been revised, adding locking information from the JDK 6 thread dump.

    Locking groups of the thread dump are now displayed in the lock tab of the thread dump.

    The postmortem tab in the /resin-admin now includes statistics on the health services.

    The CPU profile and heap dump tabs now have pie charts to better display the total memory use.

    The Graphs tab of /resin-admin has been revised to dynamically update the graph based on the meter choices.

    The Graphs tab now included new display modes to improve cross-cluster graph displays.

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