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    Using BAM to implement a queuing service.


      Files in this tutorial

      WEB-INF/resin-web.xmlConfigures the BamService.
      WEB-INF/classes/example/ExampleService.javaThe Java message listener.
      WEB-INF/php/bam_queue.phpThe PHP message listener.
      WEB-INF/classes/example/ExampleMessage.javaThe custom message model.
      demo.jspThe JSP demo
      demo.phpThe PHP demo


      Messaging lets a servlet delegate processing to a batch process either on the same machine or on a separate machine. The servlet creates a message and sends it to a queue. The servlet immediately completes and when the batch process is ready, it processes the message.

      Messaging is therefore comprised of three main components:

      • A Producer creates messages and sends them to a Consumer, continuing processing. The Producer could be a Servlet or PHP page that sends a request to a backend consumer and continues the web response without waiting for the task to complete.
      • A Consumer processes messages as they become available. In BAM, the Consumer extends SimpleBamService to receive the messages.
      • The Queue buffers messages from the Produces and provides them to a Consumer when the Consumer is ready. The Queue is part of the BAM messaging system.


      In this example, the Producer is a Servlet which sends a simple message. The Producer creates a LocalActorClient to send the message.

      Example: MessageServlet using LocalActorClient
      import com.caucho.bam.LocalActorClient;
      public void send()
        LocalActorClient client = new LocalActorClient();
        ExampleMessage message = new ExampleMessage("sample message");
        client.message("consumer@", message);
      Example: PHP using bam_send_message
      $msg = java("example.ExampleMessage", "sample message");
      bam_send_message("consumer@", $msg);


      The Queue delivers message to the Consumer one by one. When the Consumer finishes processing a message the Queue will deliver the next available message. The Consumer implements com.caucho.bam.BamService.

      In this example, the Consumer just logs the message.

      Example: ExampleService
      package example;
      import com.caucho.bam.SimpleActor;
      import com.caucho.bam.Message;
      public class ExampleService extends SimpleActor;
        public void onMessage(String to, String from, ExampleMessage message)
          System.out.println("Message: " + message + " from=" + from);

      The PHP version of the service implements a bam_message method to handle the message and calls bam_dispatch() to dispatch the message. The PHP service will call the bam_queue.php when it receives a message.

      Example: bam_queue.php
      function bam_message($to, $from, $value)


      Example: resin-web.xml
      <web-app xmlns="">
           <resin:BamService name="java-consumer"/>
        <bam-service name="php-consumer"
          <init script="WEB-INF/php/bam_queue.php"/>


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